This morning, I decided to throw my old twist-n-curl up into a high pony and that is when the stocking came out. I cut off one leg of some old stockings and used it as a ponytail holder for my bday and have been using it to salvage old sets off and on, since last week. I love the new look of having my hair high on my head and it’s a nice change since the weather is on “Melt Mode” here in H-town. I decided to have hubby snap a few shots of my work outfit of the day because it was very posh and reminds me of how little of my “grown woman” looks I fail to showcase to you lovelies here on my blog. Working in corporate america has its perks and smart, business casual attire (along with the free vendor lunches) is one of them. I always put a twist on it and since I am one of few female employees in my group (try only 2), I tend to really stand out, even when I am not really trying. I have to know when to be girly and when to throw on the hard hat and steel toes! My blouse is giving me French Riviera and seems really fitting for me to rock on the vacation coming up. I’ll just be sure to throw on my high-waist, slim leg pants with it to stroll around Europe. As soon as I finish this Cal final tomorrow, I will be free to finally focus on vacation and the 3 other milestones to come before the year’s end!