My dear tumblr dolls, I know this is overdue but that isn’t news in my world. I finally did a blow out a few weeks back to commemorate the fall weather (<_< side eye) and finished off with a braid out. These are the results but I also did another blow out this past Friday at my favorite salon. Since I didn’t take pics of it, I figured this would suffice. The definition after a blowout isn’t as prominent as when I braid wet hair but the fluff and stretch is amazing! My shrinkage is a beast and the length check I did shows my 3yr post relaxer/natural mark. I only do these length checks about twice a year, so March was my last measuring. I’m working with 16 1/2 inches on the sides, 16 inches in the nape of my neck, 18 inches in my bang area and 17 1/2 inches in my crown. Dr. Jekyll/Mrs. Hyde (my name for my hair) is definitely thriving with this no heat life! I did an updo about 1 day after these pics because of my running schedule and the wind/sun wasn’t letting it be great. I’ll post a few pics of my latest updo from Friday but I may hit my waist length in another 6 months or less. Friday, I also had them give me a nice trim to keep it behaving. The more you take care of your ends, the more length retention you will see :D Happy growing!