This year is moving way too fast for my liking and my posting has been very lackluster, if I say so myself. I’ve been so busy that I’ve adopted a bit of a protective style challenge since August and will probably continue it, until Houston’s weather decides it wants to let me be great. Between the rain/humidity, my first 5k training/5k workouts, and work-I have had zero time to re-twist a twist out or bantu knot out. So instead, I’ll be trying quite a few fly updos.  I have reached my 3 year post relaxer date this September and am officially 6 months natural! I did a bit of a straightening style and a mini length check and have officially reached 16” in my bangs and 17” in the middle! This no heat life is definitely paying off and I may reach my waist length this year after all. *fingers crossed* Lord knows, I wrestle with jumping back on the creamy crack at times but moments like that make it all worth-while. Figured I’d share my hairstyles from straightening, my 3 year wedding anniversary celebration and the mini twists I did. YouTube has been my BFF the past couple months and it hasn’t let me down yet! I tend to wear out a bun and ponytail look so YT helps me put a bit of a spin on it. I have a ton coming up from natural hair events, another 5k, traveling and my softball tournament and will try to update as soon as I get a chance to come back up for air. There’s another trip brewing and I’m ready for another haute hairstyle and excited to break out that passport again….