Just getting around to posting my random (and I mean random) shots of my Senegalese twists that I did myself at the end of June! I’ve been loving them and it is awesome to have a break from your hair at times. I still haven’t gotten them perfected but they are pretty darn good for a complete novice. (Youtube is definitely a great tool for style tutorials) I’ll keep them in for another week or so and then take them out and redo or maybe just rest my hair until my next protective style (my sew-in). It took me alllll dang on day to do thanks to the many interruptions but I assume it really should only have taken me about 7 hrs max. I made them about medium sized. Prep work was only a shampoo, deep conditioning and enough olive oil to really keep it moisturized-followed by a slight blow out. Yes, I did my own mini blow out to aid in the detangling process and it was a breeze! Will have to take more pics of all the steps next time but shout out to my step-sis, Madi for aiding me with these ends! Love you!! ;) Now it’s officially time to celebrate my b’day in style for the rest of the week! Later, Tumblr dolls! (muuahhhh - air kisses)