A couple days before Super Bowl weekend, I decided I’d had enough of my perm rod set and decided to do some twists. It took me about 6 hours but I was determined to try them and it came out bittersweet. I learned another thing about my hair and that was it’s a bit fine and my twists were originally supposed to be medium sized but instead of the cute plump size I was hoping for, it looked very scalpy o_O I ended up having to make them mini twists to get a little less scalp showing but they seemed like snakes in my head. After an hour in, I realized I was going to at least get a little more stretch and would determine how to rock them once it was completely done. I didn’t care for the Medusa look and decided instead to play around with all the cool styles I saw on Naptural85’s YouTube channel. I tried retro buns and even the Hair Bow Bun. There was definitely more style options available with the twists and I wanted to share it with you guys. I will do twists again but no time soon! I love the stretching it does for my length and all the funky styles I can create but my fingers were on carpal tunnel mode after all that twisting! Next time, I’ll spread it out over a couple days….