I did my Pre Poo Ayurvedic Herb treatment this weekend and tried out the Stretch Braid-N-Curl from over a year or so ago. I actually liked the results but made the mistake of taking it down before a night on the town and sweated it out K It showed a little bit more of my length and was very defined, so I’d say a win! Although my shrinkage still won at the end of the day, I can also say that this is possibly only a one or two day style. I’ve re-braided this style twice since Friday night and I do NOT like having to do hair more than once a week O_o It will probably be in a ponytail or bun by the end of tomorrow. Thanks to the humidity, I was walking around with Tracee Ellis Ross hair on Monday at work and my boss was side eyeing me harder than a convenient store clerk watching a black man shop!! I took that as my cue to tame the madness o_O On another note, I also did a length check on my hair and the results are as follows: the nape of my neck length – 15inches, the back crown of my hair length – 17 inches and the front bangs – 16 inches. Since I decided to aim for waist length hair this year (stretched of course), I measured the length from the top of my head to my natural waistline to see how far I had to go. I need to reach at least 20 ½ inches to say I have met my goal and that is roughly about 3 more inches of growth!! I’m stoked! Simplicity really does work out better for me and the no heat probably is the main reason I have been able to thrive. I do get style happy at times because I can tend to get bored but the less manipulation-the better for your hair. My shrinkage is more than ri-donk-u-lous and I know I’ll possibly still look to have shoulder length hair in my curly state. I’m fine with that…and baaayyy-beeeehhh trust and believe, I will rock my big hair ALL DAY!