So this is the style I’ve been rocking for the past week - The High Bun! I am happy that it is so low maintenance and only requires me to tie down with a scarf at night to prevent crazy edges. I love it and will be sure to do a few more variations of these in the near future. I love my Ecostyler Gel but I caught game of another great style aid and all thanks to CafeAuLait over on YouTube! She made me a believer of guess what?? Aloe Vera Gel! I tried it for the first time last night on my edges and awoke to super soft, shiny and slick edges. Talk about HAPPPY! My EcoStyler is better at keeping my curls poppin’ for long periods and not so much with holding my hair down for long periods. My hair is very stubborn so for the Aloe Vera to work - I was pleasantly surprised. I also have used it as my moisturizer for now, since it doesn’t sweat off like regular moisturizers. The key for Aloe Vera to be used in your hair is to apply it to dampened hair. It tends to be sticky, if you put it directly in dry hair. This Houston humidity does not help either and my hair happily curls back up after a few minutes in it. Speaking of brutal humidity - I am about to go get this run in with one of my besties. Later loves!